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Sheer Curtains in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Do you think all sheer drapes are created equal? Think again! As you browse the large selection of curtain sheers at DUBAI CURTAIN, keep in mind that not only do we offer some of the best prices around but you’ll get incredible quality as well. When you’re looking for an elegant, romantic sheer curtain, our patterned and embroidered sheers are a great choice. From traditional to modern, there are dozens of designs that are sure to inspire the interior designer inside of you. Looking for a simple sheer curtain? Check out our linen sheers. These hazy, translucent sheers are lightweight, breezy, and add a lovely look of class and whimsy without blocking the sun. Theses are a great choice when used in conjunction with heavier draperies like velvet curtains, or for homeowners who want to maximize the amount of sunlight they get. Stripes are in style again and we’ve met the demand with our vast selection of striped sheers. We also offer voile and organza sheers in all their simple elegance. You can even upgrade to doublewide voile sheer curtains for double the romance and allure.

Our silk organza sheers are slightly thicker than other sheer drapes but they still let in plenty of light. They’re often the choice of homeowners looking to compromise between privacy and light control. They offer the best of both worlds: prevent people from seeing in but allow maximum sunlight to flood your home. Are you interested in trying these fabrics out before you buy? At Dubai Curtain we know you want high quality curtain sheers and you want to buy with total confidence. Call now 0501817075 Or Mail Us

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